Ngoc Thuy Villa

Location: Hanoi

Area: 500 sqm GFA

Ngoc Thuy Villa locates in a small urban village of Hanoi. The villa owner is very sophisticated with the love for both traditional art and modern living style. The design team has successfully brought the details and decoration from vernacular architecture into a modern setting, resulting in an unique, elegant and luxurious living space. 

TITA Art Teahouse

Location: Hanoi

Area: 350 sqm GFA

TITA art Teahouse is a multi functional space for tea art performance, gallery and living space. Brickee has successfully brought to TITA an Eastern atmosphere and spirit by taking care of even the smallest details. Furniture, decor, lighting... all are in harmony, creating a tranquil and zen space for the customers.

Mim Spa

Location: Hanoi

Area: 220 sqm 

Mim Spa is a relaxation space focusing on natural and herbal treatment. Brickee has used natural and green materials in an Japan-inspired design, creating a tranquil space which bring Customers not only a relaxed feeling but an unique experience. With the attention to the smallest detail during construction phase, this spa is low-cost, low-maintenance, giving the most profit to the Owner.